Liberal? Why, yes. Yes I am.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My name

I'm watching and NCIS marathon with my mom, and OMG there's a guest character with MY NAME! I have an unusual French name. I never hear it, except when in reference to myself or my Gramma. This is HUGE in my world.

Just HUGE.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I've written enough blog posts that I now have "older" posts.

This is a big thing for me.

Don't judge.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Some Satisfaction

I've got sex on the brain.

Sex and the inevitable circumstance that follows.

Little know fact about Me: Pregnancy is damn sexy. My own (hypothetical, of course), those of other women. Not so much of other men. In my funky little mind, sex and all that it entails "in the heat of the moment" (yes, go on, hum the melody. I'll wait.) almost always accompanies ideals of expanding bellies.

And it's always a turn on, or an amplification of my already turned-on state of mind.

The real twist in my noodle right now concerns my current state of unsatisfied fits. I don't know from where it's wandered, nor when perhaps it may wander back...


That's not entirely true. I may have some passing infatuation with my "new" roommate.

He's not bad looking. Hell, in the face he's down right adorable, what with his clear, water-blue eyes, dark brown hair, and just dashing smile. He's well read, has a fan-effing-tastic voice(deep and rich), he's worldly (ish), sweet as can be, and can cook as well as if not (dare I say) better than my mother. He's a breath of fresh air after a month of crass and cigar smoke.


He's three years younger than I am (HUMONGOUS STICKING POINT). He's uptight (There was this thing, about his facebook... blah blah blah). He's got NO self confidence. He might be the clingy type (I get the vibe). He's NOT well versed in his pop, at all. He's huh-AIRY (humongous turnoff), and a total doughboy. He's admitted he's not well-endowed, and he's not well practiced, if you know what I mean. Last, but not least, he's apposed to surrogacy. Total deal breaker, that one (as if the other points were merely fence posts).

But he is cute, and he is there, and I haven't had a semi decent adult relationship in a year (some may argue ever), and I'm edging in on forty-two months celibate.

So, to recap, I've got sex on the brain...

Ooo, and an appointment at nine in the morning to have my eyes done...
Good lawd, what was I thinking?!

Go to bed, go to bed, go to bed.